The thinnest Wireless Charger ever built!

V-Juice integrates seamlessly with your interior to charge your smartphone wherever you want.

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Why V-Juice?

World's Thinnest Charger

Our patent pending wireless Charger is, just 1mm thin. For Americans: that means less than
0.04 inches. You won't believe how thin it really is. Not only is the charging pad thin, also the 30cm (=14 inch) long cable is just 1mm (=0.04 inch) thin. It fits through the thinnest gap and allows you to have the 'cable free' desktop you ever wanted.

Gentle Charging

With V-Juice installed at the 'normal resting places' of your Smartphone, you can prolong the charging time but still have your Smartphone around. This allows gentle charging at lower temperatures.

Seamless Integration

V-Juice Charger comes in many colors, from neutral to wood colors and even in patterns like Marble and Stars & Stripes.
Select the V-Juice design which fits best to your interior style and taste. From seamless integrated up to eye-catching, you can get what you want.
V-Juice is self-adhesive, but can also be easily moved.

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is the new standard.
One for all - instead of different plugs (Micro USB, USB C, Lighting, …).

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What our Product Testers say:

The first time, I had V-Juice in my hand, I couldn't believe how thin it was! I installed V-Juice on the table by the TV, so my iPhone charging, while always being within reach. But, the best thing about it - it was the first time my wife didn't complain about my tech gear.
Simon Groß
Technic Geek
I use my phone all day long to stay in touch with the world and my friends and to keep them up to date. I love my phone, but the battery is empty too often. Now, V-Juice charges my phone, and since it takes up no space at all, I installed it right at my dining table. So, every time I put my phone aside there for a few minutes, it is recharging!
Marvin Stuart
Instagram Addict


The Story of

We have been intensively working on V-Juice for more than 2 years. We had the idea, built the first prototype and presented it at fairs to have it tested by hundreds of people with their own Smartphones. We have teamed up with a reliable manufacturing partner that is ready for mass production. Both, the tools for the housing and the electronics are being produced. We already have the first 100 samples in our hands. The only thing missing is your support to finance the first production batch. We are very proud of how far we have come, and we hope that together with you, our community, we can make V-Juice a success.

The colors of V-Juice


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