V-Juice Charger is the flattest* inductive charger for smartphones and tablets available (*charger pad size)
One of the few wireless chargers that can be nicely seamlessly integrated in your interior design.


  • Super thin V-Juice Pad
  • No big bothersome casings and ugly cables on your furniture
  • Slide protection on bottom surface to fix it wherever you want
  • Easy to remove and place in a new location
  • Enables you to integrate wireless charging into your interior design
  • German engineering and innovative design
  • The Story

    Have you ever wondered why it is called wireless charging, but there is still obviously a wire, maybe not going to your phone, but to the charger?
    V-Juice is coming to change that - ok, we have to admit that the V-Juice Pad requires a cable - but it’s very thin, flat, and close to the surface. Its design allows seamless integration into your home interior. The charger electronics are separated from the actual charger pad, so you can place them out of sight, like behind the drawer or under the sofa.
    Our philosophy is to create opportunities everywhere to charge your device, whether it is in the hallway where you leave your keys and wallet, in the kitchen where your WiFi boxes are, in the living room where you are surfing, or in your bedroom, at work, in your car.
    That’s where our brand name is coming from “eVerywhere Juice” = “V-Juice”.

    The Evolution of V-Juice Pad

    The design of the V-Juice Pad changed during the development

    The Team

    The team:

    Tilman Röder

    Our suppliers (Specialists on their fields)

    And several freelancer

    Scope of delivery

    The V-Juice Charger comes with four parts:
    1)      the super thin V-Juice Pad and the separated charger module
    2)      the power supply
    3)      a USB cable
    4)      the manual
    Plus, the booster pad (optional).

    The V-Juice Pad is less than 0.5mm thick. It comes with a sticky surface on the bottom side to gently fix it wherever you want.
    The V-Juice Pad is easily removed to slightly adjust the position or even to select an entirely new location.

    Unboxing and Assembly

    Why you will love your V-Juice Charger

  • It is the solution for persons with a taste for interior design and an attraction for comfortable and innovative technical solutions.

  • Choose the BeLiHa combo for three chargers in the bedroom, living room and hallway and you will never leave your home with a half-charged phone again! (Of course, you can also use it in your car, work place or any other location.)

  • No thick cables with different plugs to serve all your devices.

  • One wireless standard covering for all types of phones, instead of up to five different cables
    (microUSB, miniUSB, Type C, Lighting, 16pin Apple).


    Q: Can I use the V-Juice Charger with any phone/tablet?

    A: It depends. If your phone/tablet is not already equipped with Qi compatibility, you can often upgrade your phone/tablet. We have created bundles for the Kickstarter campaign including one or more V-Juice Chargers with one or more standard receiver adapters.
    Please refer to this list. If your device is not shown, please let us know its make and model via email and we will investigate, inform you, and add the device to the list for future reference, if applicable.

    Q: Can I use the V-Juice Charger with devices other than phones/tablets?

    A: Depending on the requirements and set-up of the device, you might be able to use it. Please let us know its make and model via email and we will investigate, inform you, and add the device to the list for future reference, if applicable

    Q: How do I clean the V-Juice Charger?

    A: Like most smartphones and tablets, the V-Juice Charger is not waterproof nor water-resistant. It can be cleaned with a dry or slightly wet cloth. Avoid water coming into contact with the connectors or the housings. This could lead to malfunctions

    Q: Does the V-Juice Charger support quick charging?

    A: Inherent to its design, the V-Juice Pad does not offer quick charging. Our concept is based on the availability of V-Juice Pads eVerywhere, like the BeLiHa concept: chargers for the bedroom, living room and hallway). This allows gentle charging and therewith eliminates the need of quick charging

    Q: Can I charge more than one device with the V-Juice Charger at the same time?

    A: Unfortunately, it is only possible to charge one device with one V-Juice Charger at the same time.

    Q: Can I use the V-Juice Charger with Android/iOS/Microsoft/...?

    A: The usability of V-Juice Charger is not depending on the operating system but on the device’s wireless charging compatibility. In most cases, devices which are not originally Qi compatible can be upgraded. Please see the list for reference.

    Q: What are the dimensions of the V-Juice Charger?

    A: a) metric: V-Juice Pad: ~5mm x ~21mm;
    charger module: 60 mm x 25mm x 10mm;
    power supply Europe version: 70mm x 36mm x 21mm;
    US version: 48mm x 36mm x 21mm ;
    Complete cable length from power supply to flat part of cable of V-Juice pad: ~150mm;
    USB cable: 1000mm length
    b) inch: V-Juice Pad: 0.20 inch x ~0.83inch;
    charger module: 2.37inch x 0.99inch x 0.40inch;
    power supply Europe version: 2.76inch x 1.42inch x 0.83inch;
    US version: 1.89inch x 1.42inch x 0.83inch ;
    Complete cable length from power supply to flat part of cable of V-Juice pad: ~5.91nch;
    USB cable: 39.38inch length

    Q: Can the sticky surface be replaced a million times?

    A: Like all adhesives, the stickiness of the surface wears down after removing and replacing. If this happens, let us know and we will recommend a “refresher” as auxiliary supply.

    Q: Will there be stains when removing the sticky pad?

    A: We are using an established glue for the sticky pad and have not experienced any major issues with stains. Nevertheless, we do not recommend placing the sticky pad on delicate surfaces. If you do wish to use the pad on delicate surfaces, we recommend testing with a sticky note to see if there will be an impact.
    Please be aware that sunlight causes surfaces to lose color more quickly.